Smash137 | Siesta violet

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Handpulled screenprint
70 x 50 cm
Edition of 40
Signed & numbered

Basel, sometime in the summer of 2008. The trains pass by the sprayed treasures much too quickly that are strung together along the walls of the SBB railway station in Basel. Among them SMASH137 stands out with his variety of styles. Sometimes in a simple gray with black outlines, other times enriched with vibrant and bubbly colors, or creating a three dimensionality through skillful shading, SMASH137 demonstrates his ability to push the limits of his typographic brilliance. Who is SMASH137 and what makes his extraordinary style so powerful? Among the heroes of graffiti art, he is a pioneer of highest regard – a title he acquired after many battles. SMASH137 sees his writing as a virus and thanks to the many who are influenced and impressed by him, it developed into a form of viral Writing in the Graffiti Art community. But at some point in 2009 there was a change from the walls to canvases, from the streets into the studio and the White Cube of art galleries.